Multi Lane Packing Machine factory

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Multi Lane Packing Machine factory

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1、Introduction of the Multi-lane Liquid 4 Side Sealing Packing Machine
Multilane packing machine suitable for packing kinds of powder and granule materials.
Can do the different bag type in one machine, adopt four channel in parallel, occupying extremely
small production space, as well as high effective.
Adopting integral control and decentralized control, if there is a single-channel malfunction,
it does not affect other channel normal operation, in order to effectively reduce the
trouble-shooting time.
Multi-lane Liquid 4 Side Sealing Packing Machine
Multi-lane Liquid 4 Side Sealing Packaging Machine
4 Side Sealing Packing Machine
4 Side Sealing Packaging Machine
2、Advantage of the Multi lane Liquid 4 Side Sealing Packing Machine
1. Famous brand PLC control system,large touch screen,convenient to operate;
2. Famous brand Servo motor for pulling film,more precision for bag length
3. Advanced design,high precision and fast speed;
4. No film alarm,saving materials and no wasting film;
5. Photoelectric tracking system for precise bag length and position of film.
6. Equip with peristaltic pump, easy clean and main and easy to adjust the volume
3、Application of the 4 Side Sealing Packing Machine
Suitable for automatic packaging power, loose non-adhesive powder, granule and irregular materials,
like milk powder, flour, gourmet,sugar, soup, wheat, drying fruit, bean,pea nuts, candy and so on.
4、Service of the 4 Side Sealing Packing Machine
SS machinery warrants all packing machines of its manufacture to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment, provided
1. Given normal and proper usage,
2. Owned by the original buyer,
3. Operated in accordance with generally approved practice and SS machinery instructions,
4. No repairs, modifications, or replacements made by others without SS machinery’s prior written approval.
SS machinery repair components are supplied free of charge during the warranty period. SS machinery personnel are available for equipment training, either on-site/hands-on or in a classroom environment, supported by visual aids and literature, to be contracted for by a separate purchase order.
Our Factory
Multi lane Packing Machine factory
Mulitlilane Powder Packing Machine factory
4 side seal packaging machine factory
4 side seal packing machine factory
Mulitlilane Granule Packing Machines factory
Q: Could the same machine pack different types of snacks?
A: Yes, for example. You can choose to pack chips this time and pack cheetos next time on the same machine.
Q: What's the percentage for the seal leakage?
A: We can guarantee the rate is not more than 0.3 percent.
Q: What's the speed of your machine?
A: It depends on your bag size and pack weight. Mostly 55~65bags/min.
Q: We would like to pack 30,000 bags per day initially and plan to increase the production upto 100,000 bags per day. How you could provide?
A: Initially you can buy one set of machine. One set of our machine can reach to your initial capacity. For your future bigger capacity, you can add two or three sets more machines.
Q: Can you provide video for this machine?
A: No problem, we have more videos for you.
Q: Can you provide the packaging film or recommend the supplier to us?
A: Yes, we know some good suppliers in China.
Q: Can you supply Air compressor and Nitrogen generator machine?
A: Yes, we can supply this machine to you, but usually we advise you to buy from your local supplier because it’ll be easier to install and weld the connecting parts, and easier to change bigger capacity machine in future.
Q: How about your After-sales Service?
① Engineers are available to do services overseas
② Training your workers how to install the machine and how to use the machine
③ Long-term supply spare parts
Q: Can you quote me CIF price?
A: Yes, it depends on you. Either FOB or CIF is ok.Multi Lane Packing Machine factory

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