Frameless Panel Light

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Frameless Panel Light

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What is a frameless panel light? How to choose?

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Re: Frameless Panel Light

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The following answers are given to the above questions
Introduction to Frameless panel lamp
The frameless panel lamp's frameless design makes the whole lamp more beautiful, and also reduces the blind spot of lighting, and the whole room can be illuminated by lighting the lamp;

Frameless panel lamp has built-in high-quality led light source, the light is natural and delicate, soft and comfortable, and very friendly to the eyes; in addition, the light does not contain video flashes, which can effectively reduce eye damage and prevent eye fatigue for a long time;

Aluminum lamp body, better heat dissipation and longer service life.

Frameless panel lamp selection
1. Frameless panel lamp chips, under normal circumstances, the quality of first-tier brands such as CREE, Osra, HP, etc. must be better than second-tier ones. Currently used in Frameless panel lamps are 3528, 3020, 3014 and other specifications. These specifications are mainly due to the different heat dissipation methods and sizes of the chips. Chips of the same brand have different manufacturers and different quality.

2. Frameless panel lamp profile and structure

Basically Frameless panel lamp material is divided into two profiles: full plastic, half plastic and half aluminum

1) All-plastic Frameless panel lamp: In the early days, all-plastic lamps were used for fluorescent lamps. Because the main lamp used an isolated power supply, in order to avoid electric shock problems, all-plastic lamps were used. Inside is the grass Xiang tube LED.

2) Half-plastic and half-aluminum Frameless panel lamp: The LED fluorescent lamps on the market are basically made of half plastic and half aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is used for the half that does not need light transmission but needs to be heated. The light half is made of plastic. This structure can improve the heat dissipation problem of the Frameless panel lamp.

3.Frameless panel lamp fixed strong head:

At present, there are many connection methods for Frameless panel lamps on the market, including aluminum skin, P°C material, and aluminum skin plus PC material.

According to the fixing method, the two ends of the lamp are fixed with glue. There are also two tubes fixed to the lamp tube with screws.

In terms of safety and environmental protection, the method of fixing with screws is widely adopted by consumers.

Frameless panel lamp parameter

Color temperature: 2700°K, 3000°K, 3500°K, 4000°K or 6000°K

Dimmable: Yes

Dimmer compatible: Yes, compatible with ELV dimmers

Input voltage: 100-277 V AC

Driver Type: 210mA Dimmable Class II Electronic LED Driver
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