Almost died! A young Florida model tries to make love in the sky. Losing consciousness while having sex on an airplane

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Almost died! A young Florida model tries to make love in the sky. Losing consciousness while having sex on an airplane

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A Florida-based model joins the Mile High Club (an in-flight sex club), but things don't go as expected. The plane crashed into severe air turbulence. This is accompanied by a sudden rise in temperature and the effects of alcohol. causing her to lose consciousness during a love scene fortunately, not to the point of death, sacrificing the excitement in the sky

Camila Ellie, 22, nearly died while performing aทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรีสปินlove scene in the sky with her boyfriend. After their plane crashed into a violent turbulence at an altitude of about 5,000 feet.

Ellie, who has 467,000 followers on Tik Tok, told Jam Press on Friday that she and her boyfriend were on vacation in Las Vegas last summer. And at that moment, the two of them decided to try out the strange activity that shook the sky.

“I've always wanted to join the Mile High Club, unless you're in first class. or business class on passenger planes It must have been a bit rude,” the model explained.

So she and Fanpunom found a company in Sin City that operates a small private jet specifically for couples. in the goal to join the Mile High Club

Ellie and her boyfriend lap up their drinks before embarking on a luscious flight on a small plane. In addition to both There was only another captain on the plane.

The temperature outside was extremely hot. And the inside of the plane is not much different. “The air conditioner on the plane was broken, so we were both sweating like crazy. almost as soon as the door was closed,” Ellie recalled.

"The plane is very small. There is enough space for only 1 bed. And there was only a curtain between us and the pilot. We put on our headphones so we can't hear the sound. But when we're having something I believe he could feel our every move,” she said.

Alcohol and a sudden rise in temperature Coupled with the plane crash and the libido to the extreme. It seemed too heavy for Ellie, and it caused the model to faint during sex.

"One minute after we started I was very heavy and then passed out under my boyfriend," she confessed. "When I regained consciousness seconds later, He tried to wake me up. Like a madman."

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